How to apply for creative/technical/production positions at Home Run Pictures

We are always looking for additional talent to potentially add to our staff of creative people. If you are an animator, artist or technical-orientated person interested in the animation and visual effects biz, we would love to see your reel or portfolio. As well as staff hires, we develope freelance or subcontract relationships depending on our workload and specific project requirements that our current staff cannot handle.

Possible positions we may need filled from time to time are as follows:

- Animation Directors
- Character Animators (Maya)
- Special Effects Animators (Maya)
- Modelers/Riggers - Characters and Props (Maya)
- Art and Lighting Directors
- Motion Capture Specialists

- Compositors
- Digital Paint Artists
- Video editors
- Storyboard and Layout Artists
- Technical Directors (Maya)

Applicants generally should have a minimum of two years experience.  Most positions require past experience in their specific areas of expertice.

Further information can be obtained by email at this address.  Our current website is   Submit an appropriate dvd reel or sample portfolio along with resume and cover letter.  Do not send original material as submissions cannot be returned. Email submissions with web site links can be sent but is not the preferred method for review.

Send submissions to:

Home Run Pictures
Attn: Recruiting
100 First Avenue, Suite 115
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

We look forward to hearing from you.

H o m e   R u n   P i c t u r e s